The Story Behind the Name

Sarah is mentioned more times in Scripture than any other woman and God uses her as an example for us to follow in 1 Peter 3:3-6. Although the focus of this passage is a marriage relationship, the principles relate to any woman’s character, especially the qualities of a gentle and quiet spirit that are precious in God’s sight. These enable us to “do what is right and not give way to fear.”

  • “GENTLE” does not mean passive, weak, or someone who cannot help herself. Rather, it means “controlled strength.” A gentle woman has a humble heart that bows itself before God, recognizes God’s dealings with her as good, and chooses not to be contentious or resistant against Him.
  • “QUIET” does not mean whisper, silent, or bland. Rather, it means “tranquility arising from within.” It is an inner peace and calmness in the midst of any circumstances.

God loved Sarah. He knew what was going on in her life and was able to do something about it. Yet, God did not give Sarah a child early in her marriage nor did He prevent her from making a bad decision. During her walk, a loving God said “no” to some things. And she chose to trust Him rather than submit to fear. God rewarded her faith with an outpouring of His blessing in other ways. 

Through her personal story, she came to know that no obstacle is too hard for God to overcome. Nothing is too hard for God to accomplish.

Like Sarah we:

  • Are fallen and sinful
  • Have big dreams
  • Have been betrayed and wounded
  • Struggle with control and fixing things
  • Ultimately desire to love & trust God