The Sarah Society

A Sisterhood of Healing Hearts

The Sarah Society is a safe place for Christian women to share their stories of how a loved one’s sex addiction has affected their sense of self, their relationships/marriages, their children, and their outlook on the world.

We strive to be a space of grace where women can say the real truth, without judgement or shame, about the things that they have kept hidden, and to provide a wellspring of tools, acceptance, and solidarity that give us strength on the battlefield of sexual betrayal. 

We assist one another in our common journey by sharing honestly, out of our own personal experience, the challenges and encouragements of daily Christian living in a fallen world.

We refuse to permit this addiction to define ourselves, our relationships/marriages, our children, and our grandchildren. 

The Sarah Society supports female partners who have experienced betrayal trauma. The Samson Society exists for men who struggle with sexual brokenness.

Please note, this is a support group and not a therapy group, and that meeting facilitators are qualified by “life experiences” and NOT by professional training as a therapist or counselor.